Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Yes, pie. And you have to say it in a broad Yorkshire accent.

I've never been a big fan of offal. I wouldn't call myself squeamish, though I suppose I totally am, but offal just isn't my thing. I suppose my mother forcing me to chop up 3 pounds of liver so she could make paté didn't really help (thanks, mum). I mean, up until last week I wouldn't even go near a piece of meat that wasn't completely grey all the way through.

(I tried a piece of lamb that I'd just seared to put in a casserole. I am NEVER going back.)

Anyway, I was pootling around Tesco and I looked in the reduced section - I'm a student, so shoot me - and I saw a pie.

My curiosity overcame me. I knew, at that moment, I HAD to try kidneys.

(Also, it was 69p.)

It looked pretty nice when it came out of the packet.

But imagine my horror when I saw these words:

Minced! What's the point of that?! They sell a version that only has steak in, so it can't be for the squeamish. I suppose it simply says something about the quality of the kidneys, which I don't really want to think about.

Well anyway, I burnt it a bit, but it looked all right. I fried some courgettes to go with it - I have a new obsession with courgettes, having hated them for the best part of my life:

It was nice. And I know if my GCSE English teacher were to read this, she'd hang her head in shame. But I mean just that - it wasn't fab, but you know, it was okay. It said the gravy was thick and it was - a bit too thick.

But come on. It was a pie. And it was 69p. What's not to love?

On a scale of one to yummy? A 10.